Our factory

Our leather factory is one of the best examples of Florentine craftsmanship.

Our traditional work has been improved yearly by technical innovations which have not jeopardized genuine craft features.

The leather used for our bags is the best, chosen quality.

In addition, the leather is tanned using vegetable extracts.

This natural procedure maintains the original quality of the leather and guarantee top results.

The Firm boasts a life-long experience in the field of leather craftsmanship based on the tradition used by “the early Florentine leather craftsmen”. A highly selective choice of skins and the meticulous attention to minor details guarantees the quality of our products.

The leather shops which are situated in the heart of the old city, offer a vast range of our products including those made by other well-known craftsmen.


We live in a world where everything is mechanized and globalized. the artisan once a small family activity, where the father hands down the art and experience of his work to his children is unfortunately destined to disappear.

A strong will-power, the spirit of teamwork and the love for all that has been handed down to us by our fathers have allowed the  company to grow, offering our clients handicraft strictly made in Italy.

Our four shops can offer you the best of florentine craftsmanship.

You can distinguish our products as they are all handmade and their quality is strictly maintained.

If you have been satisfied with the articles you have purchased from us here in Florence, we have decided, after numerous requests, to offer you the possibility to purchase our products also on-line, this way, we can give you a better and rapid service.

If it is your first time to get to know our company, we are most certain not to disappoint you.


How we are at the moment...

How we were during the old days...