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Woman yote bag Maria Luisa: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of leather bags Woman of FP Pelletterie.
This handmade leather tote bag is produced by hand respecting the ancient techniques of the artistic processing of Florentine leather. Thanks to the use of genuine cowhide leather vegetable tanned, this tote bag offers great robustness and allows to carry heavy objects as well. This material is also used for suitcases and soles for shoes. There is a zippered central opening that provides access to a single large compartment and three multi-purpose inner pockets, one of which is zipped. Designed to better manage spaces it is a perfect tote bag to go to work every day, since it can contain books, magazines and documents of A4 format, tablets and laptop up to 13'. The interior is entirely lined with monochrome fabric. This bag is dedicated to Anna Maria Luisa, the last Medici’s figure.

The real Tuscan cowhide leather is obtained by vegetable tanning done by hand. This material, typical of the Florentine tradition, has the characteristic of changing color over time, as if the bag could change look every year, becoming more and more soft especially according to the frequency of use and its sun exposure. The cow is very durable, so much so that it was used to make boots for shepherds and military in the past. No animal is slaughtered to make these products, since the leather comes from the food industry.

Painting process:
Before being assembled, the bag undergoes a process of vegetable tanning that transforms an already great cowhide into real Florentine leather. This phase prefers the use of natural materials such as tannins derived from mimosa and chestnut, trying to remain as faithful as possible to the recipe that was used in the past in Florence. The handmade tanning makes the leather shine over time, letting it change color shades year after, depending on the use that it makes and the exposure to the Sun. Tuscany still the most important place in Italy for vegetable tanned leather.

Sign of times:
The cowhide leather is forever. It is not afraid about rain or frequently use. This material, in fact, allows to try to remove the surface scratches that usually accumulate year after year, using the simple neutral cream. This is due to the particular vegetable tanning process made by hand, which let the leather to absorb the color in deep, without it remaining only on the surface as it usual happens in industrial products. Year after year, this leather acquires more beauty and imperfection, remaining unique in its kind.

Additional Information

Length 12.99 inch
Width 3.14 inch
Height 10.60 inch
Material vacchetta (genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather).Leather label certifying “genuine leather-made in Italy” inside.