Small key ring dino

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Small key ring dino

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Small key ring dino: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories di FP Pelletterie
This small handmade leather keychain is one of the most interesting products of the entire collection. On the front there’s a silver button which reminds to the Fiorino, the ancient coin used in Florence during the Renaissance. In addition, its small size allows it to be carried in any pocket, without weighing it down. One of its most frequent uses is to hold the key of the car, so as not to disturbs while driving. In this regard in its upper part there is a hook and a silver ring. Built in genuine Florentine cowhide leather, it is an object built, painted and decorated completely by hand, following the principles of the Florentine artisan tradition. This key ring is dedicated to Dino Compagni, an old Florentine writer and politician.

The use of the real unlined Florentine cowhide leather allows the product to be particularly resistant even against the wear of time. This material is generated from the cattle hide, which undergoes the process of the vegetable tanning in which are mainly used natural ingredients, in connection to the ancient tradition.

Painting process:
What makes an FP Pelletterie accessory truly unique is its particular coloring made by hand, starting from the raw cowhide leather, individually painted one piece at a time. This allows to obtain different color patterns, such as a real piece of art. No two keychains are the same. Moreover, the coloring technique used was invented by FP Pelletterie in the 1970s and it has come to our days through the passage of information from father to son.

Before the object is assembled, the already colored leather undergoes the decoration process, in which the leather is decorated using the heat silver leaf. This technique is typical of the Florentine manufacture of leather and it adds to the final product an extremely recognizable feature, strongly linked to the famous processing of gold and silver of Florence.

On the back of the keychain the “Genuine Leather Made in Italy” silver decoration certifies the quality of the high product.

Additional Information

Length 3.14 inch
Width N/A
Height 1.18 inch
Material Genuine leather