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Da piccolo laboratorio artigianale a brand di borse in pelle fiorentino.

FP PELLETTERIE is a beautiful story of a family which loves to create original handcrafted products.
In the Seventies Flavio Parenti and his wife Carla started to make in the stable of their Florentine house, the first leather accessories: powder case and lipstick holder.

After a few years, in 1977 Flavio created a small leather factory in the center of Florence, starting to work on new products and using a new material which was even more valuable and typical of the Florentine tradition: the cowhide leather.

Over the years, Flavio Parenti (from where comes the name FP) has invented a special coloring technique made by hand, which is still secret and loved all over the world.

The strength of this small leather factory, however, was the family of Flavio Parenti, who was helped by his wife and their three children who over the years have become the custodians of their father's secrets and discoveries.

In 1988, her daughter Flavia and her husband Flavio (who has the same name of her dad) decided to open the first FP PELLETTERIE store in the center of Florence, moving the production to the suburbs of the city. Born as a stand with leather products, in 1993 the couple decided to expand the sale space opening the first FP PELLETTERIE leather shop.

In the next years the FP PELLETTERIE shops increased, having today three stores in the most symbolic place of the city: Piazza Duomo, in front of the cathedral. In one of them, even today you can admire and take photos of some of the tools used in the past, when it all started.

A great willpower, the spirit of teamwork and the love for everything that has been handed down by the parents, have allowed the FP PELLETTERIE brand to grow, offering its customers high quality handmade in Italy leather products.

I negozi di borse in pelle nel centro di Firenze - FP Pelletterie


FP PELLETTERIE is the place where the technical innovations needed to keep up with the times have never compromised the authentic characteristics of craftsmanship. We always work hard to be the best place where to buy leather bags in Florence (Italy).

For our accessories, custom handmade leather belts, leather handbags and wallets made in Florence we only use selected genuine leather, in order to guarantees the best quality for our clients.

Moreover, respecting tradition and the environment, for our leather we always prefer a natural and vegetable tanning made with plant extracts, which let us to maintain the original characteristics of the leather.

In a world where everything is mechanized and globalized, we want to preserve the beauty of imperfection, of the "handmade in Italy" and the traditions handed down from generations to generations. Our mission is to offer our customers high quality products, such as accessories and leather bags made in Italy, at an affordable price.