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Leather purse backpack Monnalisa: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of leather bags of FP Pelletterie.
Perfect for women and men, this sporty leather purse backpack is handmade in Italy. Its huge resistance to even the most important weights is guarantees by the use of Florentine cowhide leather vegetable tanned. It is also used for suitcases and soles of shoes, items that require maximum robustness and flexibility. This Tuscany leather backpack is typical from Florence and it is perfect for work, as inside it has a single fabric-lined compartment and a zippered pocket to protect the most fragile item such as glasses or wallet. There is also a real leather tag that certifies the quality of the material and the Made in Italy production. The inner bag closes with a leather snare and a magnetized upper flap. On the outside, however, there’re two zippered pockets, one on the front and one on the other side, in which you can insert the objects you use most frequently, such as keys for example. The two straps are also handmade in leather and fully adjustable, so that they are as comfortable as possible. The name of the bag is a tribute to Monna Lisa, the woman represented in the “Gioconda” of Leonardo da Vinci.

One thing is a normal women or men leather backpack, another is a Tuscany backpack in genuine cowhide leather. This leather undergoes a vegetable tanning process which mainly involves natural materials and gives to the leather the unique characteristic of changing color over time, allowing the backpack to change its look year after year, depending on how much exposed it is to the sunlight. Synonymous of pure resistance, the cowhide leather once was used in Florence to produce footwear for shepherds and military. All the leather involved in our products comes from the food industry, so as no animal is slaughtered to make them.

Painting process:
Perfect to go to work or on a touristic trip, this leather backpack has the special characteristic of appears in different color shades always different from the original, depending on the frequency of use and its exposure to the sun. This, however magical it seems, is due to the particular tanning it undergoes, which is done by hand using mainly natural products such as mimosa or chestnut. This is a typical technique from Florence and even if is very old, it has been handed down from generation to generation, making Tuscany still the first district in Italy for the production of vegetable tanned leather.

Sign of times:
The beauty of a genuine leather backpack grows with its use. The cowhide leather become a little softer day after day, taking the shape of who use it and becoming more and more comfortable to wear. This leather also allows to try to remove the surface scratches that are visible over time, and this is possible thanks to the handmade vegetable tanning process that allows to absorb the color completely inside the leather.

Additional Information

Length 9.00 inch
Width 6.30 inch
Height 11.00 inch
Material vacchetta (genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather).Leather label certifying “genuine leather-made in Italy” inside.