What are the best seams for a leather bag

A quality handcrafted leather bag requires high-standard stitching, made with extreme care and precision by expert hands. This is a critical step because the slightest error could ruin the product. 

For that reason seams of bags are are made by tailors with years of experience, whose manual skill allows them to perform precise. 

The tailor has the opportunity to make seams by hand or machine, on which depends the timing and final quality of the product. A hand-sewn product will probably be more valuable, but less precise (and "perfect") than a machine-sewn product.

What are the best seams for a leather bag

High-quality hand seam

Despite the advent of technologically sewing machines, the traditional manual seam is still widely used by tailors for a main important reason: the resistence.

In fact, in that processing, the thread is lubricated with beeswax, which in addition to protecting it from moisture and "fixing" it along with the leather, makes the whole process smoother.

A seam made manually, however, due to the long processing process that is required, leads to definitely higher prices and delivery times. 

What are the best seams for a leather bag

Quality machine seam

With the sewing machine, everything becomes easier and faster. In this case, the process becomes much more automatic, reducing the chances of error and allowing the tailor to make more products.

Difference between cotton and Nylon seams

Speaking of seams, it is necessary to make a distinction between two materials widely used for this process: cotton and nylon. There are various differences that distinguish them, first of all their origin.

Nylon is first and foremost a synthetic material, born in the laboratory in 1938, and although it is best known for the manufacture of women's socks, it is also used for the sewing of bags. Its main features are lightness and endurance.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a much more valuable material, obtained from the hair that covers the seeds of the Gossypium plant. Because of the water inside its fibers, cotton is inelastic, which makes it even more resistant.

What are the best seams for a leather bag