Key ring with coin ciacco

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Key ring with coin ciacco

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Key ring with coin ciacco: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories di FP Pelletterie
The design of this product comes from a necessity that all we have: at the supermarket to take the cart we need a coin. This handmade leather keychain is probably the most original all over the entire collection, since in addition to keep together all the keys with its carabiner and silver ring, it also allows you to store a coin so much useful for the cart of the supermarket. Its shape also reminds of a fiasco, definitely an iconic element of Florence and Tuscany, just think about the Chianti fiasco wine. Built, painted and decorated entirely by hand, it’s made of real cowhide leather which guarantees maximum endurance, day after day. On the outside it is decorated in silver with the Lily of Florence and has a silver button that allows to close it, preventing the coin from going out and getting lost. This particular key ring owes its name to Ciacco, a literary character from the Inferno of the Divine Comedy.

This kind of object requires a frequently opening and closure, so it must be made in a robust and flexible material, just like the real Florentine cowhide leather. This is made from the cattle hide leather, vegetable.

Painting process:
If strength and functionality are fundamental, the eye also wants its part. Entirely painted by hand following a technique invented by FP Pelletterie in the 1970s, each accessory is dyed piece by piece, before being assembled. This allows to have every time color patterns a little different from each other, making the object unique and unrepeatable as a piece of art.

After the coloring process, when it is not yet assembled, the key ring with coin undergoes a final process, in which the leather previously painted is decorated with heat silver leaf. This phase adds a highly iconic element of the Florentine artistic tradition, being Florence a city strongly linked to the processing not only of the leather, but also of precious materials such as gold and silver.

On its back this key ring is certified by a hot silver decoration that with “Genuine Leather Made in Italy” reports that the product is handmade in Italy.

Additional Information

Length 1.57 inch
Width N/A
Height 3.54 inch
Material Genuine leather