Florence lipstick case luisa

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Woman Florence lipstick case luisa: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories Woman di FP Pelletterie
Every woman loves to be perfect at any time, whether at home, at work or out with friends. Thanks to a small mirror inside, the large Florence leather lipstick case allows to keep her lipstick and makeup under control during the day. Moreover the size of the object allows it to accommodate both the small and the large lipstick and thanks to a silver button, prevents it from coming out and getting lost in the bag. On the front are decorated three coats of arms typical of the Tuscan chief town: the Lily of Florence, the Lion that is also presented on the tower of the Signoria’s Palace and the coat of arms of the Medici, the most important family that ruled the city in the ancient time. The name of this lipstick case comes from Luisa Contessina Romola, the Lorenzo il Magnifico’s daughter.

The lipstick case have to be opened and closed frequently, so the use of the real Florentine cowhide leather guarantees a great strength and flexibility at the same time. This material is made from a vegetable tanning on the rawhide leather, following the ancient recipe that used natural products.

Painting process:
Beyond quality and originality, each FP Pelletterie’s accessory has its most important element in coloring. This process is done through the use of a particular technique, invented by FP Pelletterie in the seventies and kept secret, passing it only from father to son. Each item is colored individually, before being mounted, so as to generate color patterns that are always slightly different from each other, as it is for each work of art.

Before the final assembly, the lipstick case undergoes the process in which the previously painted leather is decorated by hand with a heat silver leaf. This phase adds to the product a strongly iconic element of the Florentine tradition, where the city is known not only for the leather manufacture, but also for its processing of gold and silver

Inside the lipstick case is left to the natural, apart from a small decoration, to let the real Florentine Leather shine. To protect the lipstick there’s a Velcro coating where it is housed.

Additional Information

Length 3.75 inch
Width 1.18 inch
Height 1.18 inch
Material Genuine leather