Double golf ball case benvenuto

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Double golf ball case benvenuto

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Double golf ball case benvenuto: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories di FP Pelletterie
The double golf ball case is a typical accessory of the Florentine craftsmanship, so much loved abroad. This particular leather object comes with two golf balls inside, both marked with the Lily of Florence; two colorful tees and a marker that reminds of the old Fiorino, the famous ancient Florentine coin. A small lace at the top allows to hang it on the belt and take it on the golf course during a game with friends. This accessory is entirely made, painted and decorated by hand and thanks to its material, the cowhide Florentine Leather, it has a long lifespan over the years. This double golf ball case is dedicated to Benvenuto Cellini, the sculptor of the “Perseo”.

The unlined Florentine Leather, known in the world for being a natural and resistant material, is made by treating the cowhide with a vegetable tanning, which uses the ancient recipe of when were involved only natural products.

Painting process:
Each piece of natural leather is individually hand painted to have different patterns, to achieve a result of unique and unrepeatable object. Each one is different form the other. This technique was invented in the 1970s by Flavio Parenti, the founder of FP Pelletterie and it’s known today thanks to the transmission of the secret recipe from father to son. The vegetable tanning is also the oldest technique known for this processing, so much that it was the most used until the end of the 19thcentury.

Once the coloring process is ended and the object is not yet assembled, the leather is dry decorated using a completely handcrafted technique, done by hand, that creates a black decoration. It gives to the object an extra touch of personality. The decoration also takes place inside the object, directly in contact with the raw cowhide.

The inside of the product is left to natural to bring out the Florentine essence of the real raw cowhide leather.

Additional Information

Length 1.96 inch
Width 2.1 inch
Height 3.50 inch
Material Genuine leather