Coin purse vanni

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Coin purse vanni

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Man Coin purse vanni: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories Man di FP Pelletterie
Typical leather coin purse made in Florence. Resealable by a silver button, this object is made of real cowhide leather. On the front there’s a silver Lily of Florence. Convenient to keep in your pocket, this men's leather coin purse can hold a large number of coins. It is handmade in Italy. This coin purse takes its name from Giovanni di Bicci, the founder of the Banco Medici.

Being an object used daily frequently, it requires a very simple and long-lasting opening and closure. For this reason it is made of real Florentine cowhide leather, vegetable tanned by hand.

Painting process:
As well as the resistance, another important aspect is the aesthetic one. Every single piece is entirely painted by hand before being assembled, using a technique invented by FP Pelletterie in the 1970s, with which can be obtained object always slightly different, unique and unrepeatable as a piece of art.

Once painted, before been assembled, the Florentine leather coin purse purse undergoes the latest process, where the previously painted leather is decorated with a heat silver leaf. It adds an element strongly linked to the Florentine artistic tradition, since Florence is famous as much for the crafting of leather as for the processing of precious materials such as gold and silver.

Inside this purse you have the rawhide leather, which makes the natural value leather shine. On this is imprinted the certification Genuine Leather Made in Italy.

Additional Information

Length 3.15 inch
Width N/A
Height 2.75 inch
Material Genuine leather