Coin purse clutch piccarda

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Coin purse clutch piccarda

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Woman Coin purse clutch piccarda: a high quality product handmade in the Florentine style. Discover the collection of Leather Accessories Woman di FP Pelletterie
The zippered leather coin purse is a perfect handcrafted accessory to collect together all the change that would otherwise inflate the wallet unnecessarily. Its shape resembles an ancient Florentine Renaissance trunk and is designed to carry it comfortably in any bag or backpack. Made, painted and decorated entirely by hand, thanks to the use of the real Florentine Leather is an extremely durable object and able to survive wear over time. The metal snap closure allows prolonged use over the years, without losing its airtight effectiveness. The coin purse takes this name from Piccard Bueri, the wife of the Banco Medici’s founder.

The real Florentine leather unlined is a natural material famous for its resistance over the years and is obtained by treating the cow leather through a vegetable tanning, which mainly requires the use of natural products, as it was once.

Painting process:
The rawhide coloring is made entirely by hand on every single piece to get to a slightly different pattern, making all the objects unique and unrepeatable. This type of coloring was invented by FP Pelletterie in the 1970s and it has come to this day thanks to the transition from generation to generation. The vegetable tanning is also the oldest technique, so much that until the end of the 19th century, almost all leather objects were vegetable tanned.

Once the coloring process is ended and before the product is mounted, the leather undergoes one last treatment made by a gold or silver leaf decoration. This material is typical of the Florentine artistic tradition, because it was used (with different techniques) also by painters such as Giotto and Cimabue. On the front the purse is decorated with the typical Florentine lily.

The inside of this product is left to the natural to show the real rawhide, which is the soul of the product. The only element that is printed on is the FP logo and the quality certification Genuine leather – Made in Italy.

Additional Information

Length 3.14 inch
Width 1.97 inch
Height 2.36 inch
Material Genuine leather